Here’s What GOT7’s Youngjae Is Actually Like In Real Life, According To His Co-Stars

His “So Not Worth It” co-stars revealed what he was like on set!

We all like to think we know our biases very well, especially if you’ve been a fan for many years and have seen them through all different types of eras. Still, no one knows someone better than the people who see them literally every day, at their highs and lows. This, of course, would be one’s coworkers or, in a celebrity’s case, perhaps their fellow group member or a co-star.

GOT7‘s Youngjae is well-loved clearly by everyone from Ahgases to the members, of course. Only Youngjae could convince every member to participate in his “Vibin” challenge for his solo comeback.


Vibin with BamBam & YUGYEOM🥳🎶#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #VibinChallenge #WeVibin @bambamxabyss

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

Not only is he a talented music artist, but he is also an actor. So is Youngjae different depending on the job?

From left: Joakim Sörensen, Terris Brown, Han Hyun Min, GOT7’s Youngjae, and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie in “So Not Worth It.” | Netflix

His So Not Worth It co-stars Terris Brown, Carson Allen, and Joakim Sörensen recently were interviewed by Revista KoreaIN. They talked about a variety of topics, such as foreigners working in South Korea and what it was like working with their other co-stars, such as Youngjae on the Netflix sitcom.

Youngjae, always nice, you know.

— Terris Brown

They enjoyed working with the other actors, (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie, who is also a foreigner, originally from Thailand. While Youngjae plays a foreigner from Australia in the K-Drama, fans know he is actually from Korea. Despite this, he always did his best to connect with his international co-stars.

He was always trying to like use English when he could.

— Terris Brown

Youngjae clearly left a good impression with the cast so much that Terris even mentioned the possibility of a second season. We’re with him, wishing for a season 2!

He was just very down to earth, very cool, and you know, it was just great.

— Terris Brown

Terris was not the only one who had love for Youngjae either. Carson also talked about how much she admires GOT7 as a group, to which Joakim agreed.

I feel like GOT7 is one of those groups that kind of changed the game in the beginning for like abroad fans … also like his group is so diverse!

— Carson Allen

Watch their full interview below:

Source: Revista KoreaIN