GOT7’s Youngjae Creates Chords To The Fan-Created Song “Win This Fight” And Ahgases Are Touched

Can they be any sweeter?

The members of GOT7 have once again proved just how close they are with their fans, Ahgases!

BamBam recently held a live broadcast and, during the stream, fans recommended that he looked up a song called “Win This Fight.” It is a song created by the groups’ fans as a gift from the fandom to GOT7!

After hearing the track, BamBam was touched, promising that, despite his busy schedule, he would make time to help complete the song.


The next day, fellow member Youngjae also went online to chat with fans and answer questions!

During the stream, Youngjae seemed to have heard about “Win This Fight.” After listening to a snippet, he started to work on piano chords for the track!

By listening to the song, Youngjae showed his talent by unwrapping the song and finding a way to create the melody himself. Despite it being late, he continued to work at it repeating the track to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

He even posted a picture of the chords he created showcasing his hard work with the promise that, like BamBam, he would continue working on them!


After the stream, fans went on social media praising Youngjae and BamBam for their love and dedication for their fanbase, sharing the chords for the song that is so dear to them!

Source: FI and FI


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