Park Jin Young, Jay Park, And Why Fans Are Getting Their Popcorn Ready For Drama

Their history and what it has to do with GOT7’s Yugyeom.

In an exclusive report, SPOTV claimed GOT7‘s Yugyeom may be leaving JYP Entertainment to sign with AOMG once his exclusive contract expires later this month.

JYP Entertainment has responded to the report in an official statement.

We are still discussing contract renewals with the members and will release an official statement once we have organized our position.

— JYP Entertainment

Although nothing has been decided yet, fans are expressing mixed feelings about Yugyeom leaving JYP Entertainment. Some worry that switching labels could mean leaving GOT7, but others have compared the change to when Taecyeon left JYP Entertainment to join 51K. He still remained a member of 2PM.

Speaking of 2PM, AOMG was founded by singer-rapper Jay Park, the group’s former leader who went on to become a successful soloist.

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In September 2009, Jay Park received major backlash from the Korean public for old MySpace comments he wrote about the country back in 2005. The comments, written in English, were translated and publicized by the Korean media.

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Initially, protesters demanded Jay Park’s removal from 2PM, but JYP Entertainment stated that he would be continuing on with the group. Shortly after this, Jay Park apologized to his members and announced his departure on the official fancafe.

Public opinion began to change in Jay Park’s favor once it was revealed that the media had poorly translated his comments and taken them out of context. His former members also expressed their wish for his return through their first album, titled 1:59PM, homage performances, and award show acceptance speeches, but it wasn’t to be.

In early 2010, JYP Entertainment announced that Jay Park’s contract had been terminated, not for the MySpace controversy, but for an undisclosed incident from 2009. In response, many fans boycotted 2PM merch and held protests, demanding change. 

Park Jin Young, founder of JYP Entertainment | JYP Entertainment

Fast forward to 2021. Jay Park is now a successful businessman with a roster of talented hip-hop and R&B artists at AOMG, including Loco, Gray, Simon Dominic, and Lee Hi. AOMG has been called an “artist’s paradise” for the creative freedom and high pay given to its artists.


From rookie idol to rival CEO, Jay Park is now a force to be reckoned with, and fans are waiting on the edge of their seats for the Jay Park vs Park Jin Young drama they imagine is happening behind the scenes.

Will Yugyeom continue with GOT7 under AOMG? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

GOT7’s Yugyeom Reported To Leave JYP Entertainment And Sign With AOMG