5+ K-Pop Idols Who Got Kicked Out Of Their Respective Groups

Some of these stories are insane.

When a K-Pop idol gets involved in a severe scandal, they are the ones that usually voluntarily leave the group due to not wanting to damage the group’s image. It’s quite rare for K-Pop idols to get kicked out of their respective group, but it has happened. Here are a few cases of idols getting kicked out of their group.

1. Sally (Former member of gugudan)

Recently, Sally has spoken about how she was kicked out of her dorm and told to never return by her agency.

At the beginning of 2019, my agency told me to go back home. When I asked them when I should come back, they told me there was no need to come back.

– Sally

This has caused fans to speculate about the status of gugudan and whether they have disbanded.

2. Dahee (Former member of GLAM)

In 2014, Dahee was accused of blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun. Alongside model Lee Ji Yeon, Dahee threatened and requested a large amount of money from Lee Byung Hun.

The two were later sued and sentenced to a year-long jail sentence. This all led to not only Dahee getting kicked out of the group, but GLAM disbanding as a whole.

3. Dawn (Former member of PENTAGON)

When news had broken out that Dawn and HyunA were in a relationship, Cube Entertainment initially denied the reports. HyunA and Dawn then made shocking news as they revealed that they were actually in a relationship.

Cube Entertainment decided to remove both of them from the company, as they felt that they couldn’t restore their trust in each other. This effectively removed Dawn from PENTAGON.

4. Jay Park (Former member of 2PM)

At the beginning of his debut, Jay Park was the leader of 2PM.

He later made headlines when some of his Myspace messages were leaked online. He received major backlash for his negative comments made about South Korea.

Due to the public backlash, Jay Park was removed from 2PM.

5. Hwayoung (Former member of BOYS24)

BOYS24 was a pre-debut boy group formed through a survival show with the same name. Member Hwayoung made headlines when an audio clip of him speaking was leaked online.

I like being called oppa, not when I hear it from fans though, I fucking hate that. Ya, Fuck. It’s so annoying when we do the Hi-Touch.You know, the Hi-Touch? Like when you hold hands and greet fans after the concert is over. Everyday I go through like 700~800 people and I feel like I’m going to puke.

— Hwayoung

Hwayoung was almost immediately removed from the group after this audio clip was leaked.

6. Victor (Former member of About U)

Victor might not be a K-Pop idol, but he too got kicked out of his group for a bizarre reason. He reportedly got kicked out of the group because he broke a drumstick during a performance.

Bonus: Yoon Seobin

Yoon Seobin was a JYP Entertainment trainee who participated in Produce X 101. He was one of the most popular trainees on the show but was removed almost immediately. Not soon after the first episode of Produce X 101, rumors came out that he was a bully, and had partaken in underage drinking and smoking.

JYP Entertainment soon terminated Yoon Seobin’s contract.