GOT7’s BamBam Shares His Feelings About His Military Lottery

“There was a moment when my life could have changed…”

During the 3rd day of GOT7‘s recent “Eyes on You in Seoul” concert, BamBam shared his thoughts about the results of his military lottery draw.


In Thailand, army enlistment is determined by a lottery. Because enough volunteers in his district filled the required slots, however, BamBam was exempt from his military duties.

(★BREAKING) Here’s The Result Of GOT7 Bambam’s Military Lottery Draw


In light of his positive outcome, BamBam revealed his gratitude to his fans for showing him love.

“I am very thankful to be up here today. There was a moment when my life could have changed. The military lottery.” — BamBam


If the outcome was any different, BamBam would be serving in the army instead of performing at concert with GOT7.

“If you are chosen to go to the army, you just have to go.” — BamBam


But the fact that he received so much support from his fans, even when his future was unclear, made BamBam eternally grateful!

“I felt the passion of the fans. Fans told me if I had to go to the army, they would wait for me, no matter what happens with the lottery, they would be still be there for me. I was so grateful for those words.” — BamBam


BamBam truly is treated like a king by his fans.

Source: Dispatch and TV Daily