GOT7’s Jay B Shocks Fans By Going Shirtless At His Encore Concert in Thailand

“Why is Jay B wet and shirtless?!”

During his latest concert in Thailand, GOT7‘s Jay B shocked fans by revealing more skin in person than he has in years!

GOT7’s Jay B | @jaybnow_hr/Twitter

As of late, the leader of GOT7 has been extremely busy. After helping make GOT7 the first self-owned K-Pop group with all the trademark rights to their name, Jay B focused on his solo career, releasing albums and launching into a world tour, Tape: Press Pause.

The world tour touched down on several different continents and areas, including Latin America, Europe, and the Phillippines.

It was announced in December 2022 that he’d complete the tour with encore concerts in Bangkok, Thailand, and Seoul, most likely timed to allow the singer a bit of a break before his next special album, Seasonal Hiatus, is released.

| @cdznarecords/Twitter

With Seasonal Hiatus likely being the way Jay B announced his mandatory military enlistment, fans have been tuned in to his activities but were shocked during the first night of encore shows in Bangkok when the singer went fully shirtless!

The concert in Bangkok began just like any other, with Jay B performing some of his biggest hits.

Sexy behavior from Jay B is to be expected during his show…

…but the star surprised fans when he took off his shirt during the show’s encore.

While Jay B going shirtless was more than enough, he proceeded to pour water all over himself!

While Jay B has gone shirtless before for photo shoots, he rarely exposes this much skin at once on stage so fans have been losing their minds!

Today was just the first night of the two Bangkok shows, so who knows what he will do next!


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