Former Government Official Who Tried To Sell BTS Jungkook’s Hat Faces Summary Prosecution

They will be facing charges.

The former Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee who tried to sell BTS Jungkook’s hat has been summarily indicted. According to the legal proceedings, the 6th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office briefly indicted the former employee on embezzlement charges and was fined.

OP’s alleged official government identification card | theqoo

Previously, the former employee tried to sell the hat for 10 million KRW (about $70,100 USD) but later turned themselves in for investigation. According to the police, BTS’s agency HYBE confirmed that Jungkook did lose his hat at the passport department of the foreign affairs ministry while he was there to get his diplomatic passport made in September 2021.

Post selling the hat that allegedly belonged to Jungkook | theqoo

The prosecution decided to dispose based on the summary prosecution decision of the Prosecution Citizens Committee. In addition, the hat will be returned to the original owner, Jungkook, through the return procedure.

Source: YTN


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