The Government Official Who Tried To Sell BTS Jungkook’s Hat Online Has Turned Himself In For Investigation

Netizens agree that as a government representative, this was a lowbrow move.

A few days ago, an employee of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs came under fire for trying to sell a hat that BTS‘s Jungkook had left behind for ₩10 million KRW (about $70,100 USD). As the issue drew in more and more public criticism, the police launched an investigation, and a few days ago, it was revealed that the seller had turned himself in.

Jungkook wearing the hat the seller was trying to sell |

Around the time of BTS’s concert in Busan, ARMYs noticed that an individual was selling what looked like Jungkook’s hat on a resale website. The seller himself identified as an official working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and posted his ID as proof.

The ID posted by OP that allegedly showed they’re a civil servant |

Apparently, when BTS went to the passport department last September to get their diplomatic passports made, Jungkook left his hat behind. “There was no phone call or visitation for six months looking for the item even after the item was reported. So the person who found it is able to take ownership,” the seller explained.

The product description provided by OP |

Selling a hat worn by BTS’s Jungkook

– Obtained in September 2021

– Why I have it: I found it when BTS paid a confidential visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make their passports, and Jungkook left it in the waiting area. (I’m attaching my ID card for proof.) Since then, for the next six months, he has not called or visited to retrieve it. Therefore, the ownership now belongs to the person who found it, which is me.

– It’s a KANGOL brand bucket hat worn by Jungkook himself. It’s in used condition. You cannot buy this elsewhere.

– Value is expected to rise overtime since it once belonged to a global superstar.

– I’ll ship by mail only.

– Serious inquiries only. Please do not contact me if you’re not interested in buying.

– Price is firm. I really do think that in the future, the hat’s value will increase way over the suggested price.


When the post started getting a lot of negative attention, the OP deleted it from the reselling platforms. The last time the post was online, it showed that the hat had already been sold. After the police launched an investigation, not only did the seller turn themself in on October 18, but they also reportedly submitted the hat to the police. The Seocho Police Station is probing into the case as the passport division of the ministry is under their jurisdiction.

The post saying that the item has been sold at the listed price |

Netizens expressed their distaste for the alleged reseller; many felt that this was a demeaning action as a civil servant. Some also found it distasteful that the OP mentioned that the hat’s price would increase even more with time.

| @idolissue/Instagram
| @idolissue/Instagram


  • It’s an ethical problem but not a legal one.
  • It’s not even like they’re selling their own stuff. If nobody came looking for it, wouldn’t the right to do in this case… be to contact Hybe and either ask them to retrieve his hat or offer to send it through delivery? Whether they wanted to throw it away or give it back, it should have been the company’s decision. But they’re selling it like that? As a civil servant, no less… Wow.
  • The class of our civil servants ㅋ I guess that’s why the Busan concert was held in the condition that it was ^^ fully understood ㅋㅋ
  • Civil servant…Ministry of Foreign affairs…Don’t they know the law to some extent? If they put it up like that for sale, won’t they get caught? (I have a lot to say, but I’ll hold it back.)
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