Former LOONA Members Go Won, Yeojin, And Olivia Hye (Hyeju) Officially Join Hyunjin And ViVi At CTD ENM

The agency now has 5 LOONA members.

Previously together with LOONA, Go Won, Yeojin, And Hyeju (formerly known as Olivia Hye) have joined Hyunjin and Vivi at their new agency, CTD ENM.

In a statement shared on their official Instagram account, CTD ENM announced the three former LOONA members have joined their agency.

Hello, this is CTD ENM.

Recently, we have signed exclusive contracts with Yeojin, Go Won, and Hyeju (previously known as Olivia Hye). We would like to express our gratitude to the three members who have decided to join our agency.

We promise to the fans that we will do our best to help Yeojin, Go Won, and Hyeju grow their charms and talents. We will also support them in all aspects so that they will be able to meet their fans in various methods.

We hope you give a lot of support and love to not only Yeojin, Go Won, and Hyeju but also Hyunjin and ViVi who previously joined our company.

Thank you.


Back in June, Hyunjin and ViVi signed with CTD ENM.

In addition, Modhaus also houses five former LOONA members: Heejin, Kimlip, Jinsoul, Choerry and Haseul. Chuu is currently signed with ATRP, leaving Yves as the only member without an agency at the present.