Hyeyeon Handwrites A Goodbye Letter After Officially Leaving gugudan

Hyeyeon explained it all in her letter.

Early this year, gugudan‘s Hyeyeon took a break from all of her activities and schedules due to growing health concerns. Jellyfish Entertainment promised that she will return to the group once she recovers. 


However, it seems like Hyeyeon has decided to permanently end her contract with the agency after much deliberation. Jellyfish revealed that she’ll be leaving the group to focus on her health and her studies.

“Hello. This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who love and support the group. Prior to [gugudan’s] comeback, however, we would like to present our official position regarding Hyeyeon’s future activities.

Hyeyeon has decided to devote her time for her studies while taking a good break for health reasons. She has discussed with us from time to time regarding her career and entertainment activities.

After deliberation, we decided to end her activities with the group so she can focus on her studies and recovery for the time being. Although her activity as a group member is finished, she will continue to be affiliated with Jellyfish Entertainment.

The group will continue with the release of their new album on November 6th and will show a new concept in the future.

Thank you.”

— Jellyfish Entertainment


Soon after the announcement, Hyeyeon uploaded a handwritten letter to gugudan’s fans. She thanked them for the unforgettable experience and love that she’s received since her debut and vowed to continue cheering gugudan on as a Danjjak than a member.

“Dear, Danjjak…

Hello everyone, it’s Hyeyeon.

It’s been a long time, huh? I’m very sorry it’s been so long ㅠㅠ Just as my label announced, I – Hyeyeon – will no longer be promoting as a member of gugudan but join the rest of the Danjjaks in cheering them on. I had temporarily stopped promotions due to health concerns, and during that time, I focused on my studies and took time to rest. I also took that time to really think about a lot of things and come to this decision.

Thanks to all of Danjjak’s support, I’ve been recovering well, and I’m attending school diligently. Thanks to the Danjjaks, my members, and other people, I was able to make a lot of memories and experience a lot of good things thanks to my time as gugudan. They were all treasured moments!

I want to thank the Danjjaks once again for always supporting me~ I will always treasure each and everyone’s love and remember it always~!

I remember every single moment I’ve spent with our Danjjaks, and they’re so precious to me~ I’ll never forget them.

I’m concluding my time as gugudan but I will do my best to greet everyone again with a better image. For now, I will focus on my studies and recovering my health.

My gugudan members are going to continue getting better than ever through their promotions, so please continue to cheer them on. I, Hyeyeon, will also cheer them on as a Danjjak. I’ll return again when I have news.

Thank you so much, Danjjak, and as always, I love you.

From Hyeyeon”

— Hyeyeon


At present, gugudan is focusing on preparing on the release of their new mini-album and upcoming concert. They will continue activities with eight members. 

Source: TenAsia