Real-Life Idol Couple Shocks Audiences With Wedding Proposal And Kiss

Congratulations to the couple!

Former MBLAQ member Thunder shocked audiences by proposing to former gugudan member Mimi on a show.

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On the July 27 episode of Second House, host Choi Soo Jong was seen helping Thunder propose to his girlfriend, Mimi. In the episode, Choi Soo Jong tells Thunder, “Let’s prepare something that might be small but gives her a great amount of happiness.”

Thunder, with the actor’s help, made a beam projector screen and decorated a room with led lights and tulips.

Mimi, who was out with Choi Soo Jong’s wife, returned to a brightly lit room and a short video clip of her relationship with Thunder. Thunder then began singing to Mimi before proposing to her, bringing Mimi to tears.

I hope you feel my sincerity. Let’s get married. I love you.

— Thunder

Mimi responded by hugging Thunder and giving him a kiss.

Meanwhile, Mimi and Thunder recently revealed that they had been dating for four years. Thunder, who debuted with MBLAQ in 2009, is also famous for being 2NE1 Sandara Park’s little brother. Mimi debuted with gugudan in 2016 and has since transitioned into a career in acting.

Former gugudan Member Mimi And Former MBLAQ Member Thunder Confirm Relationship, Reportedly Preparing For Marriage

Congratulations to the couple.


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