Former Gugudan Member Sally Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment

It seems like it was a long time coming.

Though gugudan first went on hiatus in early 2019, the girl group didn’t officially disband until December 2020. At that time, Sally (who also goes by her Chinese name, Liu Xiening) decided to remain with the group’s label, Jellyfish Entertainment, despite her joining the Chinese girl group BonBon Girls 303 after placing sixth in the survival show Produce Camp 2020.

Sally in BonBon Girls 303

BonBon Girls 303 debuted in August 2020 — before gugudan’s official disbandment — with Sally given the position of visual and main dancer of the group. Even when she joined a second label, T Entertainment, in April 2021, she also remained under Jellyfish Entertainment as well, despite working as both an idol and an actress in China.

She earned her first lead role in the web drama Night of Love With You in March 2022, and in the following months, she continued to build her career as an actress in China. BonBon Girls 303 officially disbanded in July 2022, but since Sally had already begun to prove herself as a capable actress in the Chinese entertainment industry, she was able to appear in more dramas in the following months. And yet, she still had a contract with Jellyfish Entertainment after all that time.

She appeared in a number of other Chinese dramas and web dramas throughout the rest of 2022 and early 2023, and even released her first single in three years, “城市Lady”, earlier this month.

On February 24, Jellyfish Entertainment finally made an announcement that Sally would be leaving the label over two years since gugudan’s disbandment, and about four years since the girl group was even active in the K-Pop industry.

After a long, healthy discussion, the company and Sally have reached the decision to respect each other’s wishes and agree on ending our contract.

— Jellyfish Entertainment

| Jellyfish Entertainment

Because of her leaving Jellyfish Entertainment, Sally is now solely under T Entertainment, where she will continue to pursue her career as an actress.

We wish only the best for Sally and hope that she continues to do well in the acting industry in China!