Gugudan’s Hana Opens Up YouTube Channel

The channel will feature her and Gugudan’s daily life.

Gugudan’s leader Hana has opened up her own YouTube channel! The channel is called BoBoTV_Hana (보보TV_Hana) and will feature videos of her and Gugudan’s daily life and routines, especially during their free times in between comebacks.

The channel’s name is an abbreviation of her real name “Bora” (보라) and the phrase “missing you” (보고싶은). Therefore, 보보TV/BoBoTV means “Bora misses you!” Isn’t that sweet?

The channel will mostly involve vlogs, but the Gugudan member does have plans of branching into other forms of video content. Hana is in charge of recording and does the editing and uploading herself.

Check out her first YouTube video here!

Source: OneHallyu