gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Being Swole AF Will Make You Wanna Up Your Lift Game

I think she could benchpress me.

We all know gugudan’s Kim Sejeong is a powerful vocalist, but did you know that she’s also just…powerful?


Recently, photos of Kim Sejeong have been making the rounds of the internet, and netizens and fans alike have been swooning over how well-defined her muscles are. Along with her affinity for mountain climbing, she must pull some serious weight at the gym for results like that!





Sejeong has addressed her more muscular physique before:


I’ve always had stronger muscles than other girls, so my friends gave me a nickname. I was in Induk High School and they called me the ‘Induk Red Hare,’ —Kim Sejeong



See what netizens had to say below:


She looks like she’d attend a party as a spy, get changed when the night comes, and save the world.



So cool ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She must work out hard.



She has such a baby face, wow… Unexpected charm.



Unless you do it like her, do you even lift bro?!