“Gwiyomi Song” Producer Revealed To Be The One Who Sexually Assaulted His Friend’s Sister

The “Gwiyomi Song” took over Korea in 2013.

The producer of the famous “Gwiyomi Song” was revealed to be the one who sexually assaulted his friend’s sister after a night of drinking.

According to a report from Star News, the producer in question was a contestant on several television programs, including Mnet’s Show Me The Money 4 and I Can See Your Voice. Most recently, the producer also challenged for the title of Mister Trot.

The producer in question is known as Dandi, who produced the “Gwiyomi Song” that took over South Korea in 2013, with numerous idols putting their own spin on it. Even now, celebrities still perform their rendition of the song when asked to do some aegyo.

He also produced Badkiz‘s “Ear Attack”, where the chorus choreography saw popularity in 2014, with the public and idols also dancing to it.

In 2018, he established SD Entertainment and debuted girl group Saturday in July 2018. Since the news of his misdeeds though, he has been removed from his own company.

We have judged that Dandi can no longer be part of the company after his disgraceful incident, so after coordinating with him, he resigned from the company in May.

— SD Entertainment

Earlier, it was revealed that police have arrested a famous producer for sexually assaulting his friend’s sister while she was sleeping, and while be denied the claims, DNA tests proved it was him.

Famous Girl Group Song Producer Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Friend’s Sister

Source: Sports Chosun and Star News