Ham So Won Explains Why She Unfriended Everyone Who Didn’t Show Up To Her Wedding

“I still don’t see those friends to this day.” — Ham So Won

On a recent episode of Channel A‘s Eye Contact, celebrity, Ham So Won (45), who is commonly known for her marriage with Jin Hua (27), confessed that she no longer talks to the former friends who didn’t show up to her wedding.


On the show, Gangnam expressed his disappointment in former best friend, Tony Ahn for not coming to his wedding, which led the panel to share stories of their own.

Haha shared,

I told Kim Jong Kook Hyung about my relationship with Byul a little late. So he still tells me that Ill find out who he’s marrying on the day of his wedding.

— Haha

And Ham So Won made the shocking revelation that she told her former friends who didn’t come to the wedding to never talk to her again.

I called the friends who didn’t come to my wedding the day after and told them, ‘Don’t even think about seeing my face ever again.’

— Ham So Won

In response, Kang Ho Dong suggested,

Maybe they had a reason.

— Kang Ho Dong

But Ham So Won remained adamant.

They were really close friends and my people. They should’ve come to my wedding. On top of that, they said they would come but didn’t show up last minute. If they weren’t coming, they should’ve told me beforehand.

— Ham So Won

She concluded,

I’m clear about what I like and dislike. I still don’t see those friends to this day.

— Ham So Won

The former Miss Korea made headlines when she married Jin Hua, who is 18 years her junior.

Fans can now get an inside look at their marriage as well as their lives as parents through the variety show, Flavor of Wife.

Source: Dispatch