Ham So Won And Jin Hua Greet Their Chinese Fans On A Live Broadcast During Their Hiatus

They haven’t engaged with fans since the controversy.

Former Taste of Wife couple Ham So Won and Jin Hua are making headlines for their most recent activity.

Jin Hua (left), Ham So Won (right) | Insight

Approximately one month after their lying controversy, the Ham So Won and Jin Hua couple has resurfaced. Previously, the couple found themselves in hot water when netizens found their luxurious homes listed on Airbnb. According to the listing, Ham So Won and Jin Hua’s alleged home was owned by someone else. This caused mass confusion amongst the Taste of Wife‘s viewers, which led to a much bigger lying controversy. The couple eventually left the show, but netizens were not satisfied with their abrupt departure, leading to the sudden ending of the show’s third season.

Jin Hua and Ham So Won on “Taste of Wife” | TV Chosun

After the controversy, Ham So Won shared with her fans that she won’t be a celebrity anymore.” She revealed her plans to travel with her family for 1-2 months, in an effort to rest from the entertainer lifestyle. Ever since, Ham So Won stopped all direct contact with her fans, which she used to engage in frequently. During a time when the couple seemed to be on a hiatus, they emerged not in front of their Korean fans, but rather their Chinese fans.

Ham So Won was captured doing a live broadcast on a Chinese social media site. She was joined by her husband, Jin Hua as well as her mother-in-law for the live feed. Their Chinese fans were thrilled with their reappearance, as were their Korean fans who were worried about their social media silence.

Jin Hua with his mother | Insight

While Ham So Won declared to her followers that she was done with the entertainer lifestyle, netizens can’t help but wonder if this live Chinese broadcast could be the start of the couple’s return to the industry.

Source: Insight