“Kkondae Intern” Actress Han Ji Eun Hopes That Her Relationship With Rapper Hanhae Will Not Affect How The Public Views Her Acting

Public relationships are tough.

Actress Han Ji Eun has been making waves in the industry for her stellar performances in both Kkondae Intern and Be Melodramatic. Although she debuted a good decade ago, the star is only thirty years old this year. She recently sat down for an interview with MK Star Today to share her thoughts.

Regarding her role of Hwang Han Joo on Be Melodramatic, the role was a hard one for her, as her character was one that was silently strong, so it was difficult to hold back certain emotions while still being expressive.

Han Ji Eun’s most difficult time personally, was during her vacuum period around 8 years ago, where she was worried if she deserved to be an actress. During that time, she worked as a speech instructor instead, until she came to the realization that she truly enjoyed acting and wanted to return to it.

As she has experienced what it is like being an intern in her latest work, Kkondae Intern, her advice for the youth of today is simply, to work hard in the present rather than worrying about the future.

It probably would come as a surprise to many that Han Ji Eun is in a public relationship, as the couple keeps it on the down low. Han Ji Eun is currently dating rapper Hanhae of Phantom. She reveals that they are still steadily dating even as his contact is irregular due to being in the army. The couple doesn’t often discuss her works but he made sure to tell her that Kkondae Intern was enjoyable.

Han Ji Eun also revealed that she doesn’t see a public relationship as a burden – although she wishes that people would separate her private life from how they view her acting.

Kkondae Intern airs every Wednesday and Thursday, co-starring Park Hae Jin who plays a marketer at a ramyun company who meets his hated ex-boss again, roles-reversed as a new intern.

Source: Maeil Kyungje