Han Seo Hee Claims 4 Other Popular And Active YG Artists Are Using Illegal Drugs

She named 4 more artists.

Han Seo Hee‘s lawyer, Bang Jung Hyun, appeared on a radio show once again to talk more about the developing case regarding YG Entertainment and the use of illegal drugs.

The host mentioned that B.I claimed to want to use drugs to become a genius. She wondered “if this was a common culture among the YG artists.

Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun confirmed that Han Seo Hee named more YG artists who use illegal drugs. She named four other artists by name but did not have solid proof to prove it.

It’s difficult since we don’t have solid evidence to pin it against them, but [Han Seo Hee] named a lot of names. She named about four other people. She told me this.

A lot of similar speculations are circling the web too.

— Bang Jung Hyun

When the host asked if these four artists are currently active in the industry and popular, he answered, “Yes.”

This isn’t the first time Han Seo Hee hinted at more YG artists being involved with illegal drug use. She previously claimed that there are “many more other YG artists” who are involved.

Source: Newsen

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