Han Seo Hee Admits Yang Hyun Suk Threatened Her If She Revealed Details About B.I

“I’ll get in trouble with Mr. Yang…”

During her interview with MBC’s Newsdesk, Han Seo Hee – who has been allegedly identified as the anonymous “A” in iKON B.I‘s drug scandal – claimed that the “articles are true” and indirectly admitted that she was the one forced by Yang Hyun Suk to change her statement as well.


According to the June 13, 2019 report on Newsdesk, when a reporter got in touch with Han Seo Hee and asked if YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk was involved with her statement to the police, she answered she will “talk about it later”.

Reporter: Did YG Entertainment hire a lawyer for you and did Yang Hyun Suk ask you to make changes to your statement?

Han Seo Hee: I’ll talk about it later. But it’s exactly what you’re thinking. What is there left for me to talk about? You know what’s going on.


Han Seo Hee also claimed that if she continues to talk about B.I, she will “get in trouble with Yang Hyun Suk” and avoided sharing anything further. She briefly commented that the articles, covering the news of YG Entertainment’s involvement in the drug scandal and investigations, are true.

The articles are true though… I just really can’t say anything or I’ll get in trouble with Mr. Yang. I’m going to change my phone number too.

— Han Seo Hee


Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has admitted to forcing Han Seo Hee to change her statement about B.I. The agency commented, “It was because B.I’s drug test didn’t reveal any usage, while Han Seo Hee had only mentioned B.I to lighten her own penalty. So we wanted to make things right.”


You can listen to Han Seo Hee’s vocal interview with the news at 13:15 mark below:

Source: Sports Donga

B.I's Drug Scandal

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