Han Seo Hee From B.I And Yang Hyun Suk’s Drug Scandal Meets With Prosecutors, States “There Were Threats”

The latest update in the B.I drug investigation.

The investigation into the 2019 drug scandal involving B.I and Yang Hyun Suk continues, with questioning continuing today of the informant “A.”

“A,” whose real identity was revealed to be Han Seo Hee, appeared at the Seoul Central District Attorney’s Office at 10 am on June 23. Prosecutors called Han Seo Hee specifically regarding the involvement of YG Entertainment founder and former CEO Yang Hyun Suk in the drug case.

On their way to the office, reporters flocked Han Seo Hee with questions.

Have you overturned the original statement due to regret or indimidation?

—Unidentified press reporter

Han Seo Hee’s response was short but telling.

Yes. I will talk about it later since I must go meet with the prosecutors.

—Han Seo Hee

Her lawyer later reiterated that threats did occur.

Early 2019, B.I was accused of purchasing drugs, including LSD and cannabis, though Han Seo Hee in April 2016. He was also accused of using drugs with Han Seo Hee.

Suspicion arose that Yang Hyun Suk privately met with Han Seo Hee and even threatened her to change her statement — as a means of avoiding any further prosecution or sentencing, back in 2016.

Han Seo Hee eventually reported her encounter with Yang Hyun Suk to the National Civil Rights Commission in June 2019. The case is currently under the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Attorney’s Office. Still, police have announced that they have temporarily suspended investigations against Yang Hyun Suk until they are confident no officers were involved in the threats.

Source: Star News and NATE News

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