Han So Hee’s Agency Clarifies Her Comments About Finding Out About The Sex Scene In “My Name” During Filming

Everyone knew about the scene.

Han So Hee‘s agency 9ATO Entertainment has clarified her previous comments that she found out about the sex scene in My Name during filming.

9ATO Entertainment released a statement to the media on November 2 KST to clarify what Han So Hee meant, and to make sure to clear up any misunderstandings, sharing that the sex scene was discussed about prior to filming.

Hello, this is 9ATO Entertainment.

We would like to clarify the suspicions that the sex scene was decided on the spot without any prior consent during Netflix series My Name.

We believe that there may be some misunderstandings depending on the interpretation of Han So Hee’s words “I found out during filming” that she shared in an interview on October 20. Therefore, in order to share the facts, we would like to inform you of the decision-making process for this scene.

The scene was first discussed during the pre-production stage, and opinions were exchanged that there may be the possibility of a bed scene to show the emotional change of Yoon Jiwoo. As a result, the script was not completed at tat time, so it was discussed that the filming would be determined based on the character’s emotional path, and a scene later showed the human side of Yoon Jiwoo. After discussing Yoon Jiwoo’s course of emotions and how the scene could amplify the character’s emotions, we proceeded with the bed scene with the consent of both Han So Hee and the production team. The director and writers also had a lot of discussions about how to show the scene.

With this, Han So Hee’s words about “finding out during filming” meant that a final decision on filming the specific scene was made during the filming of the drama after a lot of discussion and consideration. Han So Hee shared her concerns, intentions, and consent with the production team.

We would like to inform everyone that the scenes were filmed after sufficient consultation between the production team and Han So Hee.

We know that there were many concerns and difficulties related to the scene for the production team and the actors, so we wanted to explain the allegations directly.

In the future, please refrain from false speculation and creating misunderstandings related to this.

Thank you.

— 9ATO Entertainment

Earlier, Han So Hee’s shared a comment in an interview where she said she found out about the scene during filming of the K-Drama.

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Source: Herald Pop