The True Meaning Behind Han So Hee’s Latest “Bizarre” Post Leaves Fans Emotional

The post has a deeper meaning.

Han So Hee‘s latest Instagram post is going viral for its deeper meaning.

Han So Hee | Pinterest

On June 15, the actress uploaded a series of photos that she captioned “My vitamin.

In one of the photos, Han So Hee is seen sitting down with a paper attached to her forehead.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

In another photo, the actress reveals that the paper was a handwritten note that a fan gave her.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

In the note, a fan wrote a very sweet note. From the note, it’s apparent that a fan had given the actress the note in person.

I am sorry (for approaching you) while you are resting. I am a fan. Please continue to be healthy during your acting career.

— Han So Hee

In another photo, Han So Hee revealed a present that she received from the fan.

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Netizens praised the actress for her extraordinary fan service. Many stated how touched they were by Han So Hee’s gesture.

  • “How can I stop liking you?”
  • “The pictures you upload are my lifeline.”
  • “I thought the sun was up, but it was you.”
  • Unnie, I am going to sue you… Why can’t we meet?”
  • “So cute…So cute…So cute…So cute…So cute…”
  • “You are my vitamins…I’m going to take you forever.”
  • “So Hee, when you act like this, it’s impossible not to like you.”

Han So Hee debuted in 2016 when she starred in SHINee‘s “Tell Me What To Do” music video. The actress got her big break when she starred in the hit K-Drama, The World Of The Married.

Currently, the actress is awaiting the much-anticipated release of her upcoming Netflix series, Gyeongseong Creature.

Source: wikitree
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