Han So Hee Reveals Her Mother Borrowed Money Using Her Name, Apologizes To The Victims

She apologized for her mother’s faults.

Actress Han So Hee posted on her official blog an apology and explanation following the rumors of her mother scamming money from another person.

On her blog post, she explained exactly what happened that led to the borrowed money, and the situation at hand.

Hello, this is Lee So Hee (Han So Hee’s real name).

First, would like to apologize to the victims who wrote their post with the feeling that they’re standing at the edge of a cliff, even though I can’t dare to count how many victims there are.

I’m sure they are in a situation where nothing would be able to comfort them.

Also, I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who may have felt uncomfortable or hurt by the incident. I am sincerely sorry.

I am hoping there will be no more victims, as I write this with a feeling of shame.

— Han So Hee

She also revealed that her parents divorced when she was young, and she hasn’t had much contact with her mother since she was five, over 20 years ago.

My grandparents raised me because my parents divorced when I was around 5 years old. After I entered high school, I moved to Ulsan where my mother lived at the time, but I continued to stay with my grandmother. After graduating, I moved to Seoul, where I started this path as an actress.

I haven’t had much contact with my mother, so I learned about her debt when I was 20 years old. As the daughter of my grandmother, I have the sense of filial piety, so even before my debut, I worked to pay off my mother’s debt.

After I debuted, I got in contact with the debtors and learned that my mother borrowed money using my name and job as her shield, and did not pay it back. The amount she borrowed using my name and thus the amount of debt I carried was just too large to bear.

I am sorry that my carelessness ended up creating more victims, as my immature and inexperienced judgment was that the only thing to do was to reimburse the debts.

Lastly, I would like to apologize again to the victims and everyone who may have been hurt by this incident.

— Han So Hee

Source: Money Today