Actress Han So Hee Looks Gorgeous In Unedited Journalist Photos On The Way To The Airport

She doesn’t need a filter.

Actress Han So Hee recently made her way to the United Kingdom as part of her duties as the ambassador for Charlotte Tilbury. To beat the cold weather, she dressed cozily on the way to the airport. But what caught the eye of many was not her impeccable fashion sense but the aura she exuded.

Han So Hee’s unique aura is always highly praised in the media and by the public. She just has something about her!

She dressed in black tights and knee-high boots, pairing them with a snuggly coat and bag.

The adorable cat deco on her padded bag made the look even cuter.

Han So Hee’s aura is irreplaceable. She manages to look sexy, elegant, alluring and down-to-earth all at the same time.

She looked flawless even in unedited photos taken by journalists.

Whenever she appears in public, she always creates a buzz with her visuals!

Netizen reactions to the unedited photos. | theqoo
  • “She’s pretty in a way that’s blinding like fireworks.”
  • “Insane.”
  • “She really looks like a painting.”
  • “She’s f*cking pretty fr… An actress truly is an actress.”
  • “I can’t get a sense of reality. Isn’t she a painting? So pretty.”

Han So Hee’s popularity doesn’t just come from her visuals. She is also an amazing actress that slowly built herself up from supporting roles. Han So Hee is currently filming for Gyeongsung Creature, a 2023 release by Netflix.

Source: theqoo
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