Han Sunhwa Expresses Concern For Her Brother VICTON Han Seungwoo’s Career As An Idol

She cares so much for her brother.

Han Sunhwa is currently active as an actress, but made her debut in 2009 as a member of girl group Secret, before leaving the group in 2016 to focus on acting.

Han Sunhwa | @shh_daily/Instagram

In a recent interview, Sunhwa discussed her career as an actress, and talked about her current activities and goals. She also addressed her past as an idol, and spoke about her brother, VICTON‘s Han Seungwoo, who is also a soloist! Han Sunhwa has spoken about her relationship with her brother before, and the siblings also gained attention for being active in the same industry!

Seungwoo and Sunhwa | @shh_daily/Instagram

In the interview, Han Sunhwa was asked about her past as an idol, and whether or not she had plans to perform with the members of Secret again. She answered saying she wants to focus on acting, and commented on how worried she was about the hard work her brother puts into his job.

I would very much like for the audience to see me as the character itself. I’m low on energy and my legs hurt. I don’t think I can dance like I used to onstage.

My brother is also a singer and I’m worried that he might break a bone someday.

—Han Sunhwa

Han Sunhwa worrying over her brother is so telling of what a good older sister she is! Fortunately, Han Seungwoo is doing well in his career, and fans can’t wait for him to return with great music after he completes his military enlistment!

| @shh_daily/Instagram

Han Sunhwa is also set to star in a webdrama about drinking titled Drunken City Women, which is expected to be broadcast later this year!

Source: The Korea Times