Actress Han Ye Seul Uploads A Cryptic Accusatory Post Regarding Her Former CEO

“I know all the atrocious things you have been doing.”

In a now-deleted post, actress Han Ye Seul made a cryptic jab at her former CEO. Han Ye Seul recently shifted agencies from Partner’s Park to High Entertainment in June 2021. However, on July 3, 2021, she uploaded a photograph of her former CEO from Partner’s Park along with a caption that worried fans.

| theqoo

This person is the CEO of my former agency, Partner’s Park. She is also the person that introduced me to my current boyfriend. I will not beat around the bush. Shin Hyo Jung-ssi, I know all the atrocious things that you have been doing. You should be ashamed.

— Han Ye Seul

Previously, when she had been under fire by various media for her background and boyfriend, Han Ye Seul had allegedly left a post claiming, “Why do such things only happen when my contract with the agency is ending? How interesting.” Not only did the media accuse Han Ye Seul of being an escort prior to her debut, but they had also accused her boyfriend of being a male escort. Han Ye Seul has vehemently denied both claims.

People’s Park has yet to speak on the matter.

Source: theqoo and Star Today