Han Ye Seul Shuts Down All Her Haters And Denies Her Boyfriend’s Past Again, Once And For All

She is done with the rumors.

Actress Han Ye Seul recently uploaded an explosive tell-all YouTube video, addressing and explaining all of her rumors in detail. The actress touched on a lot of different topics within the video, including rumors regarding BLACKPINK‘s JennieThe Burning Sun scandal, and more.

Actress Han Ye Seul discussing the rumors in her YouTube video | @hanyeseulis/YouTube

During the tell-all video, Han Ye Seul took the time, once again to vehemently deny all the accusations made against her non-celebrity boyfriend. Previously, the actress’s boyfriend was accused of having been a male escort in the past. Garo Sero Institute created a video with the alleged rumors, making jabs at the actress and her boyfriend, which led to an unending rabbit hole of unproven accusations.

| @hanyeseulis/YouTube

My boyfriend is not a host at a host bar. Scam, sex worker, male escort, all of those aggressive terms, he is none of them. They are all rumors and none of them are factual. But these false rumors have been getting in the way of his future and for that, I will not be able to forgive.

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul also addressed the hate comments that blamed her for exposing her boyfriend publicly, which many people believed led to his past being publicized.

Do you think I’d be crazy, that I’d expose my boyfriend if there was something to hide? But I showed his face publicly, why would I sit there and say, ‘Oh, my boyfriend used to be this and used to work at at a karaoke.’ Why do I need to explain that to you guys?

I think that my public reveal of my boyfriend and his face shows that I have nothing to hide. There were no ulterior motives behind it. I think that just proves how confident I am in his past and in my boyfriend.

— Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul’s boyfriend (left), Han Ye Seul (right) | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

You can check out Han Ye Seul’s entire tell-all video down below.