“She Won The IDGAF War” — Top Actress Shows Off Her Boyfriend On Instagram

Her boyfriend previously received heat for his alleged past.

Actress Han Ye Seul previously revealed her boyfriend Ryu Sung Jae to the public in May 2021. Many were quick to step up with allegations that her boyfriend was an alleged male escort. He had worked as an actor briefly before going back to normal civilian life. Later on, he worked at a bar that connected affluent women to handsome workers. Although he was not participating in illegal activities as a host, if money changed hands behind closed doors, it would pose a problem. Some also accused him of meeting married women for financial sponsorship.

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Han Ye Seul has since called these allegations “a work of fiction,” and has been proudly showing off her boyfriend on social media. Through the years, she has posted many happy moments with him. She captioned this one “date night.”

Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend. | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

The pair even got couple tattoos recently.

Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend. | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

Most recently, on November 1, 2023, she uploaded a post with only a single photo. It was a picture of Ryu Sung Jae casually sitting on a chair. He looks happy and relaxed. She captioned it “my joy.”

Han Ye Seul and her boyfriend. | @han_ye_seul_/Instagram

Fans were quick to congratulate her in the comments, even saying that the two look alike. They wished her the best with her lover, and expressed their joy that the malicious comments have been significantly reduced.

Over the years, Han Ye Seul has been taking much heat for her relationship. It’s amazing to see how dedicated she remains to Ryu Sung Jae!

Source: Instagram