Haneul Resigns From Her CEO Position Following Her Employee Abuse and School Violence Controversies

She was accused of abusing her employees and having bullied multiple classmates back in January.

After a long hiatus, YouTuber and lingerie brand CEO, Haneul posted a formal apology and announcement of her resignation on her official YouTube account.

In a short video titled, “Hello, This is Haneul…“, the popular influencer expressed that she apologized to all those she had bullied during her school days.

Before I provide any explanation or excuse, I thought the first thing I had to do was apologize to those I had harmed. So I talked to those who reached out to me and personally apologized and asked for their forgiveness.

– Haneul

Haneul also mentioned her employee abuse controversy and explained what will be happening to her company, Haneul Haneul.

I founded the company at a young age, so I lacked experience, and was lacking in many different ways. I will be resigning from my CEO position. And for the sake of my employees, I will be taking legal action regarding the false rumors that were spread.

– Haneul

Back in January, Haneul faced multiple controversies for abusing her employees as well as having bullied and abused multiple classmates when she was in school.

Haneul Loses Tens of Thousands of Subscribers in the Midst of Employee Abuse and School Violence Controversies

As a result, she lost tens of thousands of subscribers on YouTube, and following a written apology, Haneul had kept quiet until this most recent video.

The apology video is currently set to only play when viewed on her official YouTube channel.


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