A Hater Accused Zion.T of Disrespecting Jonghyun, His Response Shut Him Right Up

Zion.T uploaded screenshots of a conversation with a malicious netizen who demanded an explanation on why he wasn’t seen visiting Jonghyun‘s memorial when it’s well known that the two are close friends.

“Why didn’t you go to Jonghyun’s funeral?

I don’t know how close you were recently, but isn’t it right for you to show your face at the funeral of someone you once called your best friend?

Why did you follow Key in the middle of the night… ha;

You once said don’t judge a person by how they act on broadcast, but I’m not sure. Please show us a good image at least outside of broadcasts.^^”

— Malicious Netizen

When Zion.T didn’t respond right away, the netizen continued to bombard him with accusations and hate messages.

“Is that how you mourn? It’s so little~

I mean, I don’t even want to ask about anything else, but why did you follow Jonghyun again?

I knew from the moment you stabbed [Crush] in the back and joined YG.

Do you feel good doing Instagram while picking and choosing which senior’s phone call to pick up and not going to your old friend’s memorial?”

— Malicious Netizen

After receiving the hateful comments, Zion.T responded with an explanation on why he wasn’t photographed at the memorial.

“I met Key when I visited the memorial late at night, so I followed his account. There’s no reason for you to be insulting me! Have a peaceful night.”

— Zion.T

As soon as Zion.T explained himself, the malicious netizen quickly apologized for his rash actions.

“I’m sorry.

I’m truly sorry. ㅠㅠ Have a good night. Zion.T fighting”

— Malicious Netizen

Zion.T also captioned the screenshots of his conversation, farther explaining why he wasn’t photographed and how hurt he felt from the experience.

“I went. When all the reporters had left.

I’m sad because I’m human too.

Do you visit memorials to get your photo taken?

I’m sad.

Something’s wrong with this.”

— Zion.T

Other netizens began leaving criticizing the malicious netizen for causing Zion.T the same distress and pain that Jonghyun suffered from.

  • Every time I see something like this, it makes me think that it’s better for celebrities to not be on social media… for their mental health…
  • Do you seriously not understand after all that has happened? Please, refrain yourself
  • Please stop torturing someone who’s already hurting. It’s seriously a beastly thing to do…
  • Ah seriously… The same thing’s happening again
  • Wow does that person know how to think or what… how can they say such a thing

Zion.T and Jonghyun were close friends who loved music and often featured on each others’ songs.

Watch Zion.T and Jonghyun perform together for “Dejavu”:

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing