Controversial “Heart Signal 3” Contestant Quietly Shuts Down All Social Media Accounts

Channel A has yet to address the matter.

An upcoming contender of the dating variety show, Heart Signal 3 recently faced controversy after one netizen claiming to be her former classmate shared a post of her violent past as a bully back in her college days.


The poster claimed that the contender, Ms. A, bullied her “hoobaes” and even made the netizen’s friend drop out of college.

She forced them to kneel in front of her and screamed at them with insults and defamation of their character. When she got worked up, she even pushed them by the shoulder and swore.

– Netizen

I felt like I’d be reminded of those times if I kept seeing her smiling and being loved on TV, so I gathered the courage to post this. She was like hell to the hoobaes at my school.

– Netizen


This person in question is known to be a former flight attendant who graduated from Hanseo University and gained quite the attention with her visuals.

But following the controversy, Channel A of Heart Signal 3 has yet to respond to the rumors being spread about Ms. A.

Furthermore, Ms. A gained additional attention for deleting all of her social media accounts following the controversy without any particular response.

Although Heart Signal 3 hasn’t even begun airing, one contender is already facing much criticism for her violent past, and this has led to many viewers wondering how the channel will deal with the issue and if the rumors are even true.

The popular dating show, Heart Signal 3 is set to air on March 25.

Source: Insight