A Cast of Upcoming “Heart Signal 3” Exposed for Her Violent Past During Her College Years

She’s already wrapped up in controversy when the show hasn’t even begun.

With the much-anticipated dating show, Heart Signal 3 coming out, a netizen exposed one of the cast members, Ms. A for her violent past during her college years.


In an online community, a netizen shared a post explaining that Ms. A was a “hoobae” of the cast during her college years.


According to the netizen, a classmate of hers took an extra year to get into the school and attended her first school trip.


But Ms. A allegedly claimed that the netizen’s classmate didn’t greet her properly and used that as an excuse to cuss her out and defame her character.

Following the severe bullying, the classmate ended up dropping out of school.


According to the netizen, Ms. A and her friends formally apologized for her behavior, but the bullying of her “hoobaes” only got worse.

The netizen explained that Ms. A called “hoobaes” she didn’t’ like to her room and bullied them both verbally and physically.

She forced them to kneel in front of her and screamed at them with insults and defamation of their character. When she got worked up, she even pushed them by the shoulder and swore.

– Netizen

Furthermore, the netizen claimed that her classmate who was roommates with Ms. A couldn’t get on her bed until Ms. A got in bed first and that she was forced to clean on her knees despite being injured.

The netizen added that this was done to countless “hoobaes” and explained what got her to share the post.

I felt like I’d be reminded of those times if I kept seeing her smiling and being loved on TV, so I gathered the courage to post this. She was like hell to the hoobaes at my school.

– Netizen

Although it’s been unconfirmed whether these claims are true, fellow netizens are responding with comments such as “If this is true, that’s shocking” and “She’s wrapped up in controversy before the show even started“.

Ms. A is set to star in Heart Signal 3 as a love contender who used to be a flight attendant.

Source: Insight