“Heart Signal 3” Im Han Gyeol Threatens To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors

Im Han Gyeol addressed the malicious rumors that stemmed from a post claiming he falsified his resume.

Im Han Gyeol of the dating variety show, Heart Signal 3 has recently faced controversy after a netizen accused him of falsifying his educational background on his resume and even suggested the possibility that he used to work at a host bar.

And Im Han Gyeol himself took to his Instagram account to address the malicious rumors that stemmed from the accusation.

His post reads as follows:

Hello, this is Im Han Gyeol.

There are false rumors with no grounds being spread about me.

I’ve confirmed with my lawyer that creating false rumors and spreading it expansively is a crime. I’m in the process of preparing to take legal action.

Me, my family, and the people around me have been harmed greatly as a result of malicious comments and speculative articles. I plan to hold the creator of the malicious rumors, those who spread it, and those who left malicious comments responsible for their actions and take strong legal action. I earnestly ask you that you stop spreading speculations and malicious rumors.

– Im Han Gyeol

Source: @_hkyeol