“Heart Signal 3” Kim Kang Yeol Admits to Having Physically Assaulted a Woman

This is his second controversy since the show aired.

Hanguk Ilbo just reported that Kim Kang Yeol of Heart Signal 3 assaulted a woman in the past and was punished with a fine as a result.

According to the report, the victim, Ms. A claimed,

Back in 2017 in the middle of the night, Kim Kang Yeol assaulted me at a bar in Gangnam and I was in recovery for 3 weeks.

– Ms. A

In March of the same year, Kim Kang Yeol was charged with a fine of 2 million won (~$1700 USD).

In response, Kim Kang Yeol took to his Instagram to admit to his faults and formally apologize.

The letter reads as follows:

Hello, this is Kim Kang Yeol.

First, I’d like to bow my head and apologize to the victim once more.

At the time, my group as well as her group were in a fight, and I was in the process of trying to break it up. Everybody in both our group and theirs were women, and there was physical confrontation. Due to my excessive desire to protect my girlfriend, I ended up making a mistake while trying to break up the fight.

At the time, I regretted it, and asked for them to allow me to make an apology and take appropriate measures, but they wanted to take legal measures instead. I thought both parties were partly responsible, but because I felt deep regret and didn’t want to cause further harm to the victim, I decided it was better to put an end to it. So I was charged with a fine.

This happened 4 years ago, and I’m trying hard not to repeat that same mistake again. But that was still a side of me and my behavior. I’m deeply regretful and reflecting upon my actions.

I will contact the reporter and ask how I can apologize to the victim again. I’d like to once again apologize to the victim.

– Kim Kang Yeol

Ahead of this controversy, Kim Kang Yeol was also accused of having been involved with the controversial Burning Sun club.

The dating variety show, Heart Signal 3 is currently airing on Channel A.


Source: Insight