Another “Heart Signal 3” Cast Faces Heated Controversy for His Association to “Burning Sun”

“They should’ve done a better background check on these people.” – Netizen

Following the reports of a female cast of the upcoming dating show, Heart Signal 3, having been a violent bully in college, a male cast has also been hit with heavy controversy due to his connection with the infamous Burning Sun.

A Cast of Upcoming “Heart Signal 3” Exposed for Her Violent Past During Her College Years

A post written about the model and CEO of a clothing company is quickly spreading all over the internet.

Regarding the 4th man on the Heart Signal 3 poster, one netizen posted a photo of the same man taken in front of the Gangnam club, Burning Sun.

Along with the photo, the netizen added, “The past which cannot be erased. A group photo in front of Burning Sun. Some of them even went to jail for using drugs. Not a single soul in Gangnam doesn’t know his name.

In addition, another post claimed that not only did he frequent Burning Sun, but that he associated with the CEO of Burning Sun, who was charged for drug use.

Furthermore, he also appeared in a YouTube video with Haneul, who is currently in hiatus due to controversies surrounding her past with school violence, where he showed off their close friendship.

Haneul Loses Tens of Thousands of Subscribers in the Midst of Employee Abuse and School Violence Controversies

Although the original post has been deleted, duplicates have been going viral all over the internet.

Ahead of his incident, a female cast who is a former flight attendant also faced controversy following a post exposing her past as a bully in college.

In response to this reveal, netizens are leaving comments such as “How is this happening before the show even airs?“, “They should’ve done a better background check on these people“, and “We should wait until it’s confirmed for sure“.

The producers announced that they are in the process of checking the matter and that the show will air on March 25 as originally scheduled.

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