“Heart Signal 3” Kim Kang Yeol Finally Clarifies His “Burning Sun” Controversy

He finally addressed the rumors.

Kim Kang Yeol of the dating reality show, Channel A‘s Heart Signal 3 recently held a live broadcast where he finally addressed the Burning Sun controversy that he faced during the airing of the show.

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Just before the premiere, photos of Kim Kang Yeol at the infamous Burning Sun club surfaced, sparking suspicion that he had connections to the CEO, who was charged for drug use.

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BIGBANG‘s Seungri used to be the executive director of Burning Sun, and just last year, it was suspected of crimes such as drugs, sexual exploitation, police collusion, and tax evasion.

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And Kim Kang Yeol clarified,

I have no relation to the Burning Sun. If you have fun one night, you end up going to a club. We just went there to have fun. I’m not involved in any of the Burning Sun cases whatsoever.

— Kim Kang Yeol

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But a friend who was with him for the broadcast joked, “Yes, you are“, to which Kim Kang Yeol sternly stressed, “Don’t joke about things like that. They’ll think it’s true.

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Kim Kang Yeol finished off the show by matching up with Park Ji Hyun, but they later revealed that they agreed to continue as just friends.

Heart Signal 3 premiered in March of this year before coming to an end in July.

Source: Dispatch