Heartbreaking photos of Tao’s extremely injured feet spread online

Photos of EXO member Tao’s injured feet are going viral online, as EXO-L share their frustration at the latest news of him possibly leaving the group.

Earlier today, we reported Tao’s dad had released an emotional post online outlining the reasons why he would be “bringing Tao back home”. SM Entertainment quickly confirmed the post to be real, and revealed they would work hard to keep Tao in the group.

However, just hours later,  in an exclusive interview with Sina, Tao’s father told the Chinese media, “Tao has agreed to leave EXO, his treatment is going to be priority and everything else is up to Tao to decide.”

To add onto the emotional toil that EXO-L have been feeling, news broke out that member Xiumin had deleted his Instagram account and Lay had removed all his photos as well.

Now, the photos of Tao’s feet are going viral after being released by Chinese media, specifically Sina and IQIYI. Tao has yet to speak up about the lawsuit rumors and possibility of him leaving EXO, which has left some EXO-L hopeful.

Source: Sina