Hello Baby’s Yoogeun in deep shock, cried himself to sleep after hearing of “Daddy Jonghyun” death

Jonghyun and 4-year-old Yoogeun were extremely close.

In 2010, SHINee members joined the show Hello Baby, where they had to take care of a 4-year-old baby named Yoogeun.

SHINee and Yoogeun quickly became extremely close, sharing amazing memories together and becoming a family together. Since 2010, all the members have kept in touch with Yoogeun and continued to be close.

Yoogeun (now 11-years-old) still calls the members, including Jonghyun, “dad” as a call-back to the show when they were his “dads”. 

When Yoogeun found out about Jonghyun’s death, he couldn’t believe the news and was in complete shock. He burst into tears and kept calling for “Daddy Jonghyun” until he cried himself to sleep.

His mother explained what happened in that moment:

“I could not believe my eyes. The breaking news headline. I was very shocked and read it out loud.

Yoogeun, who was more surprised than I was, asked me multiple questions. I was frozen. How would I explain this to this little guy?

He asked and asked: ‘Why? He is alive, right? Is it real? No, right?’

‘Jonghyun dad went to where great grandma is.’

Upon hearing that, Yoogeun burst into tears. He tried to hold his tears back and asked again.

‘But it could be wrong, right? How did he go where our great grandma is?’

As if he could not understand his death and as if he could not accept the reality. He kept asking questions.

He searched Jonghyundad’s pictures online, and read articles on Jonghyun. He didn’t want to admit it, so he cried and cried.

He wanted to say that he misses him, but he knows that he can’t see him anymore. He was mad, sad and blanked out.

The shock was really big. He can’t fall asleep easily. He tried to hold his tears back under his blankets.

I told him not to hold back. Hearing this, Yoogeun sobbed as he called Daddy Jonghyun’s name. He then cried himself to sleep.”

— Yoogeun’s Mother

Jonghyun’s death has hit Yoogeun especially hard, due to how close he felt with SHINee, even after their show ended. He’s even joined in on their live streams on Instagram, to show his love.

Fans have taken to Yoogeun’s Instagram to post comments and also share their sadness in the passing of Jonghyun.

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SHINee Jonghyun's Passing