Here’s Every Group That’s Going To Debut In 2018

2018 is gonna be one heck of a year!


Polaris Entertainment’s sub-label Blockberry Creative has already spent (by some estimates) about $4 Million USD to promote this girl group that has not even debuted yet. Hyunjin and Heejin are participating in JTBC’s MixNine and gaining a large following as a result of their appearance on the show. The company has been revealing one girl group member per month since 2016 and the twelve-member girl group is expected to debut in 2018 after each girl has been introduced in her own music video.

This new Girl Group cost 4 million dollars to produce, and haven’t debuted yet

2. BIGHIT Entertainment (maybe) a new boy group

Although no official statement has been released, fans are speculating that this is the time that BIGHIT Entertainment will debut their new boyband. After the enormous success BTS saw in 2017, they will allegedly focus on the world tour, which would be the perfect time for the agency to launch a new boyband domestically.

BIGHIT Entertainment may be planning to go public

3. S.M. Entertainment (maybe) a new girl group

Source: S.M. Entertainment

With f(x) and Girls’ Generation no longer being active, industry experts speculate that S.M. Entertainment may debut a new girl group in 2018. Furthermore, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s sister, Hayeon, is currently a trainee and, with her big sister’s group out of the way, she has the chance to shine as well.

4. YG Entertainment New boy group and girl group

Yang Hyun Suk already revealed his plans to debut a boy group and a girl group in the near future earlier this year. With plenty of named trainees like Bang Yedam from Mnet’s Stray Kids and Choi Hyunsuk from JTBC’s MixNine, the potential new boy group is already generating a lot of buzz.

5. JYP Entertainment Stray Kids and a possible girl group

Stray Kids has already finalized its debut in January of 2018 as the original 9 members.
Also, with miss A disbanding, fans are speculating that it would be a perfect time to introduce another girl group. Former I.O.I’s Somi and Shin Ryujin from JTBC’s MixNine are considered strong favorites to be in the new girl group.

6. FAVE Girls

Remember how PRISTIN got tons of fans during their pre-debut era because most of them had already appeared on various audition shows? Well, meet the FAVE girls, who are virtually the same. With Lee Soomin, Park Haerin, Kim Bowon, Shin Yoojin, and Lee Sujin from JTBC’s Mix Nine and Park So Yeon from Mnet’s Produce 101, FAVE Entertainment will debut their new girl group with a strong fanbase.

7. YUEHUA Boys

5 of them appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 and Fan Bingbing’s brother is also a trainee in this label. Once three of them are finished with China’s Produce 101, they are expected to debut with Hyeongseop and Euiwoong.

Fan Bing Bing’s brother is training to become an idol

8. MIXNINE Group

The winning team of 9 from JTBC’s MixNine will debut under producer Teddy’s direction, and will begin their world tour in April of 2018.

9. The Unit Group

Already confirmed to have multiple commercial deals, the winning team from the KBS idol rebooting project survival show will receive plenty of attention from the fans.

10. RBW Boys

Many of these trainees appeared on Mnet’s Produce 101 (Yeo Hwanwoong, Lee Gunmin, and Lee Gunhee) and some are currently on JTBC’s Mix Nine. The new boy group from RBW is expected to debut in 2018.