Here’s Why EXO’s D.O. Enlisted In The Military 2 Years Early

He had more than 2 years before his enlistment deadline.

EXO‘s D.O. shocked everyone by announcing his enlistment date for July 1, 2019, when he still had ample time before he was forced to go. Fans were especially taken by surprise as D.O. is one of the younger members of EXO.

He is the third youngest member after Sehun and Kai, and has four members who should be enlisting before him if they were to enlist by age. Only two other members, the oldest two in Xiumin and Suho, have enlisted so far. Considering that D.O. was born in 1993, his deadline for enlistment wasn’t until 2021, which is 2 years away.

He is also at the peak of his career as both an actor and singer. He’s found tremendous success as an artist with his group EXO, and has been acclaimed as the best rising actor thanks to his hit roles in Along With The Gods, Swing Kids, Underdog100 Days Prince and more!

D.O. in the hit drama 100 Days Prince.

As many speculate why D.O. decided to enlist earlier than expected, news reports believe it has to do with his commitment to the production team for Along With The Gods. The mega-hit movie series released its first installment in 2017, with the second movie releasing in 2018. D.O. has been a part of the series since the beginning and has been confirmed to appear in the 3rd and 4th installments as well.

The movie has continuously topped charts with each installment and has become one of the best selling Korean movies of all time.

The 3rd and 4th movies are scheduled to being production in 2021. News reports believe D.O. is preparing to finish his enlistment before production starts so that he will be able to commit fully to the third and fourth segments. Now that D.O. will be enlisting in July, he will most definitely be discharged before 2021.

Although his reasons for enlisting early are uncertain, EXO-Ls have been both devastated yet respectful of the decision he announced through his handwritten letter.