Here’s Why This “Hangover” Makeup Look Is The Next Hottest Trend In K-Pop

Will you try it at home?

As celebrities, it’s no surprise that K-Pop idols frequently become hot topics for their makeup looks. If you like the makeup your bias is wearing, you can thank their makeup artist for a job well done.

Professional makeup artists Doy and Inha from the popular beauty salon Jennyhouse were the guests of this week’s episode of AYO‘s Comment Defenders series.

Some of the popular K-Pop groups they have worked with include SEVENTEEN, IOI, T-ARA, Wanna One, and AB6IX.

When on the topic of fan-favorite makeup looks, a netizen brought up a picture of AB6IX’s Daehwi, thanking Jennyhouse for it.

Hangover makeup came true. Jennyhouse is the best. Thank you, Manager Doy. I hope for your continuous support.

— K-Netizen

Doy proudly revealed that she was the makeup artist responsible for it.

Known as a “hangover” makeup, its focal point is the red color around the eyes. According to Doy, it looks pure while still being “a bit decadent“.

It definitely stands out because of its uniqueness and beauty! In fact, it is one of Doy’s favorite makeup looks to do because of its versatility.

When talking about how she came up with the look, she explained that she wanted to try something fun.

She is especially happy that it was well-received by fans. To end, she revealed how both she and Daehwi work well together.

Watch the entire video below:

Source: AYO 에이요