Here’s How Song Joong Ki Proposed To Song Hye Kyo

It’s been revealed that Song Hye Kyo cried when Song Joong Ki proposed to her last winter in Japan!

A Japanese witness named “Yuri” wrote about the time Song Joong Ki planned an event for his proposal.

“Truthfully, a friend told me that [Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo] and staff members came to where she was working last winter.”

— Yuri

Song Hye Kyo cried tears of joy after Song Joong Ki asked the big question.

“Song Hye Kyo was crying when [Song Joong Ki] did his event.”

— Yuri

However, there wasn’t any proof that rings were passed in the romantic event.

“I’m not sure if he gave her the ring that day.”

— Yuri

And that’s when the Song-Song couple promised to live together forever!

Source: Nate News

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