Here’s Why The Korean Baseball Team “Samsung Lions” And Fans Call BTS’s Suga Their “Young Master”

“Is the young master coming to pitch at the game?!”

Back in May 2019, when BTS‘s Suga met the South Korean MLB pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium, the idol briefly mentioned being a fan of the South Korean baseball team Samsung Lions.

Ryu Hyun Jin (left) with BTS’s Suga (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The official Twitter @dodgers tweet capturing the moment soon got retweeted by the Samsung team’s official @twittlions, with an excited caption that celebrated Suga’s support.

What was that, Suga-nim?! Did we hear ‘Samsung Fan’ at the end there?! PLEASE CONFIRM, SUGA-NIM!!! We would love to have you out here at the Lions Stadium for a guest pitch. Give us a holler!

— @twittlions

Actually, Suga never hid his love for baseball and for the Samsung Lions team hailing from his hometown of Daegu. His tweets, from as early as 2014, showed that he has always been a diehard Lions’ fan. Back in 2016, when he photographed his new studio, he hung a Samsung Lions uniform with his name and number on his chair — proving his loyalty to the team.

New studio.

— Suga @BTS_twt

Still, Suga’s direct mention of the team in 2019 drove the fellow Lions’ fans wild. In fact, the Samsung Lions mascot Lenny even put up a video on the team’s official YouTube channel @Lions TV inviting Suga to the home stadium, boasting a full set of uniforms and merchandise dedicated to his visit!

Lenny holding a Samsung Lions uniform for SUGA. | LionsTV/YouTube

And with these efforts by @twittlions to “bring Suga home to Daegu,” the endearing nickname was birthed: Samsung Lions fans immediately began referring to Suga as the team’s most adored “doryunnim (도련님)” or the “Young Master!”

Note the Korean title doryunnim originates from the Joseon era, as a term to refer to unmarried, aristocratic men. With time, however, the term came to be closely associated with young masters of high status and wealth, belonging to prestigious families. Perfect for Suga, Daegu’s superstar, indeed!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

And it looks like the Lions fans have not since stopped waiting for the Young Master’s return.

On May 15, 2021 KST, the official Instagram account @lapark_official, run by the Daegu Samsung Lions Park (the team’s home stadium in Daegu), shared some pictures of a pop-up booth selling BTS x STONEHENgE accessories.

A BTS x STONEHENgE pop-up booth is now open at the Daegu Samsung Lions Park!

— @lapark_official

At the rather out-of-the-blue announcement, Lions fans couldn’t help but wonder if the pop-up booth could be “hinting at” their doryunnim coming home… maybe even to pitch at a game!

| @lapark_official/Instagram
  • “What the-?!”
  • “Wait, is doryunnim coming to pitch?”
  • “Is he actually pitching?”
  • “Pitching for postseason, maybe?!”
  • “Yeah! Come pitch for us BTS!”

And of course, ARMYs can’t get enough of these baseball fans swooning over the Young Master. It sure looks like Suga’s out collecting fans from left and right.

| theqoo
  • Doryunnim, LOL! Samsung baseball fans are so cute.”
  • “I had no idea they call him the young master, LMAO. I heard Samsung’s winning the season though, Suga must be super happy! Haha.”
  • “HAHA! Excuse me?! Someone please explain since when and why my baby became a doryunnim of the Samsung house?!”
  • “Young master!”
  • “What the heck, ROFL. Our lil’ meow meow is a whole doryunnim now?! Haha.”

Could it be in the near future, especially after Suga completely recovers from his shoulder surgery, that the star doryunnim could grace the mound to throw some ball? Both Samsung Lions and BTS fans patiently await.

Source: THEQOO, Asiae, NamuWiki and Image


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