Here’s How SHINee’s Taemin Created His Incredibly Unique “Object Set” Merch

He’s a true visionary!

SHINee‘s Taemin is the king of creativity!

SHINee’s Taemin | @lm____ltm/Instagram

Taemin recently released a new piece of merch called the Object Set. The Object Set is a mold of Taemin’s hand that can be used for storing jewelry and other small items.

| SM Town & Store

In a meeting with SM Entertainment staff, Taemin explained that he thought it would be fun if he could store his jewelry on an object shaped like his hand.

Once the staff was on board with his idea, Taemin said he thought the hand-shaped jewelry holder would look great in white “with a classy finish on it.” 

After the staff made a model of Taemin’s idea, they presented it to him, and he said adding a plate under the model of his hand for more storage space would be a good idea.

Once Taemin and the staff finalized the idea, it was time to capture images of Taemin’s hand that could be used to create the final product.

First, they took 2D pictures of Taemin’s hand.

Then, they took photos of his hand with a 3D scanner.

Taemin was all smiles when the photographer showed him the layered 3D scans. He said, “It’s satisfying to see how it fits.” 

Taemin’s creativity definitely shone through during the creation of the Object Set, and we’re sure he was thrilled to see his idea come to life!

See the full Object Set making video below!