WayV’s Ten And YangYang Didn’t Like “Low Low” At First—Here’s Why

They love the song just as much as WayZenNis do now!

WayV‘s Ten and YangYang recently released their song “Low Low,” and it’s a total summer bop!

WayV’s Ten (left) and YangYang (right) | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

While WayZenNi’s fell in love with “Low Low” immediately after hearing the song for the first time, Ten and YangYang weren’t fans of the song the first time they heard it.

| @tentenfeed/Twitter

In a recent interview with NME,  Ten and YangYang revealed that they wanted to release a powerful song with a “heavy hip-hop vibe.”

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When they received the “Low Low” demo, Ten and YangYang told their team that they “didn’t ask for this.” 

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Although Ten and YangYang didn’t like the “Low Low” demo when they first heard it, it didn’t take long for the song to grow on them!

| @AndyVermaut/Twitter

YangYang said the song was stuck in their heads by the second and third days after they heard the demo.

On the second day and third day, even when we were brushing our teeth or eating, the song kept coming out. We were like ‘this song is catchy.’ Even our members kept singing. The song woud just come out unconsciously.

— YangYang

Ten agreed that “Low Low” is catchy and said that releasing the song was a good opportunity for him and YangYang to show their versatility and explore a different sound. He said “it’s a good opportunity for us anyway because we’ve never tried easy listening music.”  

| @AndyVermaut/Twitter

We’re glad “Low Low” grew on Ten and YangYang and that they love the song just as much as we do!

Source: NME