“High School Rapper 2” Contestant Minty Admits She Lied About Her Age In Order To Try And Gain Popularity

She lied about her age.

High School Rapper 2 contestant Minty (real name Kim A Rin), who auditioned for the program under the guise of a 9th grader born in 2002, has revealed her real age and the reasons why she did so.

There were rumors swirling in the Korean community that Minty was not actually a teenager, but actually a woman in her 30’s, and she was even an agency CEO and produced her own girl group, called Girls’ Alert (GSA).

Her agency has confirmed that while the rumors of her being a CEO and not being a high schooler are true, she is not in her 30’s but actually in her 20’s. They first commented about how Minty has had a heavy heart due to the rumors, and admitted some of them are true.

Hello, this is Minty’s agency CoronaX Entertainment.

Recently, she has been going through each day with a heavy feeling in her heart due to the various rumors involving her. She wanted to let the rumors pass by quietly as she was afraid of hurting both her family and her fans. However, we have decided that this could cause even more pain to her fans, who trust in her and love her, so we are releasing this statement to make the facts known.

1. It is true that Minty is Sorina, Alpaca Production’s CEO. It is also true that she is the producer for GSA. She has been working as a composer since she was young, and started her own company after receiving an offer for an investment. However, around 2 years ago, she left the management of GSA to Roots Entertainment due to issues such as health problems. She is actually running several companies using this method.

— CoronaX Entertainment

CoronaX Entertainment continued, revealing how Minty is still suffering today.

2. Currently, Minty is suffering from an eating disorder due to severe stress. With the support of her fans, she started getting counseling earlier in October, but she still cannot eat regularly.

— CoronaX Entertainment

They then revealed her High School Rapper 2 situation, and her real age, stating that she took the opportunity to try and make herself known to the public.

3. Last year, Minty applied to join High School Rapper 2 as a contestant that was born in 2002 (this would put her in the middle school age group). At the time, she wanted to reveal her real age on several different occasions, but due to internal and external reasons and pressures, she had no choice but to be quiet about it. At that time, Minty was an unknown artist, and she was in a hopeless situation, where every opportunity was valuable. She has been suffering from the psychological burdens of the situation even up until the present, and she is receiving counseling for it.

4. Also, Minty’s actual age is not 37, like the rumors say, but 28 (26 international). The misunderstandings about her being in her 30’s is likely because she has been producing since she was 24 (22 international). The rumors about her are not true. Other than her age, everything Minty has shown is genuine. Although the ages are different, everything in her lyrics comes from her own experience.

— CoronaX Entertainment


Minty went viral on the internet due to her High School Rapper 2 audition clip, showcasing her unique style of rapping.

Source: YTN