Highlight’s Dongwoon Has Been Discharged From The Military And Reunited With His Members

Highlight is reunited!

On December 8, Around Us Entertainment announced to fans that Dongwoon has been discharged from his military training. According to the label, Dongwoon has been training for one year and seven months as a conscripted policeman. He was discharged while on his temporary leave but was told not to return due to COVID-19 protocol.

Dongwoon reached out through a video message to his fans sharing that he doesn’t feel very special since he was already on leave but realizes that his normal life back home is something to cherish.

I honestly don’t feel anything special because I was discharged since time had passed. However, I realized that the ordinary life I’ve enjoyed is precious, so I want to fill my everyday life with only the work I enjoy and the people I like.

— Dongwoon

It appears that Dongwoon is doing exactly that as he and his fellow Highlight members went live on the V LIVE on December 8.

He opened the live stream stating “it’s almost been two years since my last V LIVE at the agency.”

Dongwoon continued to discuss his time in the military and then brought out all of his members. The group prepared several games for them to play for their fans and overall seemed to enjoy Dongwoon’s presence.

Now that the group members are all together, the fans can not wait for HIGHLIGHT’s future activities.

Check out Dongwoon’s sweet message below:

Also check out the whole live stream on V LIVE!