Highlight’s Doojoon Just Wanted To Match Dongwoon’s Ending Fairy Visuals…But Ended Up Ruining His Outfit Instead

Another chaotic ending fairy moment from Doojoon!

Highlight‘s Doojoon recently brought laughter to fans everywhere with another chaotic ending fairy moment! He tried hard to match Dongwoon for the perfect ending fairy moment…but ended up ruining his outfit instead!


Highlight recently made their comeback with the song “Daydream”, and have been promoting their comeback in full swing!

Highlight | @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

The group recently performed on The Show, and began to gain attention for their adorable ending fairy scene!

| @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

Highlight absolutely killed it with their performance, and when it came to the ending fairy, split into two groups to have all members for the shot! Gikwang and Yoseob were one group, and they held hands and smiled into the camera brightly!

Doojoon and maknae Dongwoon were the other group, and for this particular performance, Dongwoon rocked a face chain, and was another level of handsome!

For their ending fairy shot, Doojoon wanted to match Dongwoon visually, and he grabbed a chain attached to his outfit to also be able to pull off a “face chain” of his own!

Doojoon, however, pulled the chain a bit too hard, and it ended up tearing away from his jacket, leaving him shocked and Dongwoon exasperated!

Watch the chaotic moment here!

Highlight also celebrated their first win with “Daydream”!

You can check out their song “Daydream” here!