HIGHLIGHT Yang Yeoseob’s Biggest Fans Are His Members—Here’s How They Supported His New Album

All throughout the time he prepared for his album, Yoseob’s members were there for him every step of the way!

HIGHLIGHT‘s Yang Yeoseob made his solo comeback, and talked about how his members made sure to be there for him!

Yoseob | Around Us Entertainment

In a recent interview, Yoseob talked about his latest album, and mentioned how most of his songs had been self-penned, and also talked about the concept for his title track, “Brain”.

The title track ‘Brain’ has a very dark concept, and the 12-song package, in general, is packed with song genres that I have never listed on my album.

I also collaborated with a songstress for the first time and listed five of my self-composed and self-written songs.


| Around Us Entertainment

While writing his own songs for an experience, he spoke fondly about how his members supported him, in particular, Doojoon and Gikwang!

Doojoon and Gikwang participated in selecting the songs for my album and were the first to listen to my self-made songs.

Doojoon, in particular, promoted my solo album through his livestreams!


Doojoon and Yoseob | @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

It’s great to see how close the members are, especially after so many years together!

HIGHLIGHT | @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

Yosoeb made his comeback with the album Chocolate Box, and title track “Brain”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: The Korea Herald